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English summary

From mid-2010 to December 2011 the Commission of Inquiry carried out an independent study of the sexual abuse of minors in the Roman Catholic Church from 1945 to 2010.

This website contains information on the final report that was published by the Commission of Inquiry on 16 December 2011 (under Eindrapport) and all the underlying documents to which reference is made. You will also find a summary of the report in English (pdf, 172 kB).

The publication of the final report signals the demise of the Commission of Inquiry.

Information, advice, guidance or help with regard to sexual abuse within the Roman Catholic Church in the Netherlands can be obtained from the special reporting centre of the Assessment and Advisory Commission on Sexual Abuse in the Roman Catholic Church (Meldpunt Misbruik RKK), Victim Aid Netherlands (Slachtofferhulp Nederland) and the support group for those affected by sexual abuse in the church Koepel Landelijk Overleg Kerkelijk Kindermisbruik. Contact details can be found at Hulp bij seksueel misbruik.

More information in Dutch on the members of the Commission of Inquiry, the feedback group and the secretariat of the inquiry are given under Samenstelling commissie. Press information and newsletters published by the Commission of Inquiry are to be found under the heading Pers- en nieuwsberichten.


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